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This is your one-stop app for all things XANGO. Putting XANGO.com at your fingertips, you'll have on-the-go access to promotions, products, sign-up and your Back Office, with new features added regularly. It's like carrying 6 Founders and all of XANGO Corporate around in your pocket!

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Welcome to wellness without weakness. The FAVAO Wellness app keeps you on track each day by showing which meals to eat and what exercises to do. Also, track your weight and measurements to see your progress. We tell you the what, when and how in a simple and straight-forward approach that's research-proven and real-life-tested.


The XANGO Show app is a repository of information used by XANGO distributors that includes sales tools, brochures, product videos, the compensation plan, the company story, sign-up information and global business guides.


The XANGO Buzz app lets you stay up to date all day every day with latest news, event reports, and new product updates. With the XANGO Buzz app, you can view and share breaking XANGO news wherever you are.


With the Eleviv app you can quickly and easily receive a scientifically-validated "vigor score," save it to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and track your progress while using Eleviv. A great way to actually measure the benefits Eleviv offers.

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